Finding Your Why

Posted on November 1, 2016


The other day I had the opportunity to have a chat with someone who’s just discovered a  passion for photography and while we talked about the rush and excitement she felt about being able to photograph couples and love, a great topic came up and with that a wonderful question arouse…Why?… why spend countless amount of hours and money on this?. See, so many of us do things because we have to or we just ended up there but a lot of us don’t know why and that’s exactly why people fail at pursuing their dreams.
I began photographing about five years ago and to be honest with you I didn’t really know why I liked photographing couples, I just knew that it paid the bills and it was fun but there was no core value behind it. I wanted to give up so many times and actually, I stopped photographing for almost two years because I wasn’t motivated to keep on jumping over the hurdles of being an entrepreneur.
I had never stopped to ask my self why I had chosen to become a photographer… until this year. I had to stop photographing because I went on maternity leave and little did I know that I would have a pretty dry season after that…which means I had a lot of time to think and think about everything. I’m not going to lie, it was hard and emotionally draining but it pushed me to find my why…

© Erika Diaz Photography

During my dry season I realized that I needed to invest more time on my family. We began being intentional about our date nights ( with the little one ) and I choose to stop complaining about how slow my business was and decided focus all my attention in being the best mom I could and the best wife I could. You know, keep the fire alive while having a tiny little bebe. What I didn’t know was that this time was going to be crucial for my business. See, I began noticing my husband more and more… not that I didn’t before I mean he’s such amazing man but I intentionally began to pay attention to his little quirks, small gestures, his facial expressions and I realized that all of those things made me feel certain emotions that I had been allowing to just pass by because of my busyness. All of this led me to put my priorities straight and think hard about what I was doing. I sat down one day to reorganize everything for my busy season and I realized that I had never thought about the reason behind my love for photographing couples and how thrilling it was to be able to be a part of people’s love stories and then.. it hit me.

© Erika Diaz Photography

I love being a part of people’s fairy tale’s because I have that… A fairy tale romance. 

© Erika Diaz Photography

I can relate to people in love, therefore, I can photograph their love. I have what they have and that’s why I absolutely adore it. I realized that every time I photographed a couple I thought about my husband and how his embrace feels and how I react to it and I would then guide the couple into an embrace that is familiar and get a real reaction with true emotions AND THATS WHY  I do it… I want to photograph people that are in love because in a way I can re-live my own love with them and because of that I  am passionate about visually story telling their story.

Guys, this changed my business. This changed my drive and gave me purpose and now every time I meet with a potential client I am free to ask questions that are specific to them and this helps me determine if they are my ideal client as well. Finding my Why led me to be passionate about my career again and to fight for it even things are slow or I see obstacles…

So, what’s your Why… what is the reason behind what you do!? Find it and you will never be afraid to face a wall because to you it will be a step stone and not an obstacle.



Be inspired,