Francisco and Julie

Feb 24, 2020 | Weddings



Love can be shown in a variety of ways. Not all love is in your face, loud or extravagant. Francisco and Julie are sweet, quiet and thoughtful. They share a subtle, and gentle love. When I first met them at their home for their engagement session, I remember being welcomed by their sweet calm vibe and sincerity.

One thing that is immediately noticeable upon meeting them is that Francisco and Julie share comfort in just being together. Francisco sweetly caresses Julie and his kind love for her speaks volumes. The love he shows for Julie is absolutely intoxicating and was evident in so many ways during their wedding day.

Though every beautiful detail from their wedding day was something to be remembered, the detail that was the most precious and my absolute favorite was their heartfelt vows for one another. The atmosphere changed while they promised forever to each other and there was not a dry eye.

The sweet, gentle caring love between Francisco and Julie was celebrated by their friends and family in a breathtaking venue adorned with beautiful florals. Each detail was thoughtfully considered and contributed to Francisco and Julie’s special day!