Breath and close your eyes, now transport your self to your favorite childhood memory. Are you there? Great… Now try to remember who you were with, what they were wearing and how you felt while you were having the best time of your life. Memories are the most beautiful way of seeing the past and boy, are they powerful.

Chances are, you probably have 4×6 pictures somewhere of the greatest times of your life being shared with the most important people. Why? Because pictures are the only way of touching the past. I truly believe that photography is probably one of the most (if not the most ) important arts created and understanding the value of it is not only imperative but can be life changing.

Finding someone who has the education, knowledge, gear and understanding is key to capturing your memories in the most unique and beautiful way. I’d love to chat with you about my experience shooting weddings and what this means to you and your day. Let’s connect, but first I’d love for you to know why I truly love photographing love…


My passion for capturing weddings stems from my own love story, knowing how incredibly beautiful it has been, drives me to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of your journey. There’s a connection there that can’t be broken and I feel that this passion I have for love, radiates through the images I capture for my clients.  I believe that marriage is one of the most amazing adventures and it is an honor to be there for those who make that decision.

I love coming along side my couples, getting to know their story, hearing about those small, intimate details that fuel their passion for each other and there making unique art that showcase who they truly are.

I believe in capturing the precious moments that go unnoticed, taking our time and allowing your love to shine by creating safe environments for you to truly connect and remember why you are together in the first place.


I want to capture your most intimate moments – not get caught up in poses because your connection and love for one another is what makes your love story… Yours.

Definition of Essence: es·sence

1 the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.

Every couple is different, therefore capturing your uniqueness is paramount to me! I am passionate about wildly in love couples who are willing to open up, trust the process and who don’t hold anything back. I create in an organic environment, over coffee, at your favorite park, enjoying a glass of wine or just getting lost in each other. It is my desire to allow you to relax, lean in and connect, creating beautiful images in that safe space.


“Watch carefully
the magic that occurs
when you give a person
enough comfort
to just be themselves.
Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

Ready to make some magic?

I take so much joy and pride in being able to show each and every client love, support, and as much guidance as possible when it comes to organizing the details of their day. Whether you are getting married or just looking to encapsulate beautiful memories, I love being able to pour my heart and creativity into documenting your special day, and more importantly, your love.

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Wedding Coverage begins at $3200

Elopement Coverage begins at $1500

Portrait Sessions being at $500