Michael and Kori

Mar 19, 2020 | Weddings



When Mike reached out to me about photographing their elopement in the jungle, I screamed out of excitement. The idea of going to a tropical location to capture two people in love made me crazy happy! Their love is exciting and fun, it’s the kind of love that you see in the movies. It’s truly intoxicating but what stuck with me the most was their selfless commitment to each other.

We arrived in the Dominican Republic not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, we knew the place we were going was definitely out of the ordinary but actually being there and experiencing the jungle life was another story. I can truly say that it was BETTER than we had expected! The sounds, the scenery, the roads … they all spoke of the story that was unfolding before my eyes.

Mike and Kori became our friends ( and I say our because my husband came with me! ) and this was by far my favorite thing about the entire experience. I loved the scenery and the adventure but the connection we got to make with them was so beautiful and I know this played a huge role in creating the beautiful imagery for their entire adventure. 

I was fortunate to start our time together by capturing photos during an Adventure Session for Michael and Kori, they were game for anything! We rode horses, they jumped in a waterfall and walked hand in hand on the beach, I’m pretty sure they fell more in love with each other! This helped create our already special connection and helped remove any inhibitions for their wedding day.

Michael and Kori’s wedding day was so unique and special, as I mentioned before, their love and commitment to each other is one of a kind. Their love is wild and the jungle was the backdrop that helped beautifully tell their story. I’ll never forget this experience that we were able to share with them!